Modes of Writing

Only available to schools already trained in Thinking Maps

Write from the Beginning...and Beyond Expository/Informative (#3050)

This spiral guide not only provides teachers with the tools for providing explicit instruction in the different types of expository writing, but also clarifies for the students how each type differs from other kinds of writing (such as narrative). Expository writing includes, but is not limited to:

Explaining How (Sequential), Reporting (Categorical), Reporting (Part to Whole), Reporting (Compare and Contrast), Describing (Focus on Attributes), Defining (Limited or Extensive), Explaining Why (Reasons/Causes for an Event), Explaining Why (Personal Opinion), Explaining Why (Point of View)

Response to Literature (Item #3040)

This spiral-bound manual explains the background information necessary for responding to literature (eg, stages of understanding, types of oral and open-ended written responses, and various types of prompts). It is designed to help teachers guide students through the process of explaining and supporting their thinking about a particular piece of discourse.

Write from the Beginning...and Beyond Narrative (Item #3030)

From personal experience narrative (chronological, thematic, and autobiographical incident) to imaginative/fictional narrative (problem-solution and intriguing adventure), this spiral-bound manual provides teachers with the information and tools they need to successfully teach narrative writing to their students using the Thinking Maps common visual language.

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