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Amazing 2nd Grade Writing

Posted on by Thinking Maps

 The cuteness is nothing compared to the brains at work here. From Mickey Gurganus, Instructional Coach at South Greenville Elementary School in Greenville, North Carolina:

South Greenville Elementary serves has about 520 students. Many of our students are from homes in poverty or high needs. Our teachers work daily to create an atmosphere for learning. Write From The Beginning and Beyond and Thinking Maps provide them a framework on which the students can model their ideas, learning, and writing. Our second grade team began teaching WFTB immediately because they knew it would help our students grow as writers. This year they are leading our school in implementing the program with fidelity. Here is what the Second Grade Team at SGE had to say about WFTB

A lot of writers struggle with “I don’t know what to write.” Using Thinking Maps is a prescription for brainstorming and planning the pre-writing process. This process provides scaffolded instruction for students allowing them to concentrate on the content of the story rather than the mechanics and conventions. Students have exclaimed after being exposed to the use of thinking maps in conjunction with meaningful colors, “My story writes itself!” 

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James Dean says: November 22, 2013 at 9:06 am

Donna, it certainly showcases the growth that daily modeled writing can have with all students and not just waiting until the tested grades! Awesome!


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