Celebrating 25 Years Transforming Teaching & Learning

Please view this message from Sherwin Suddreth, President of Thinking Maps or read it below! It is with humble pleasure that I announce that in September, 2015 Thinking Maps, Inc. celebrated its 25th anniversary. That’s 25 years of helping teachers
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A Lifesaver for Educators Drowning in Initiatives

kevin blog 1 As I travel to schools and districts throughout the country, one of the greatest challenges about which I hear educators complain is the overwhelming number of initiatives. When asked to elaborate, these educators indicate there is simply not enough time
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Assessment, Evaluation and High Stakes Testing

Image 1   Well fellow educators, it appears that it is that time again.  You know it is coming, but every year it seems to sneak up on us a little earlier.  Much like seeing Christmas decorations pop up on shelves before
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Finding Your Best Route to Thinking Maps

Route Many journeys begin with a map. This tool guides the direction we take to keep us focused on the course and, often times, the shortest or most desirable route to a destination. We refer to that map and current location,
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5 Reminders for a Brain-Friendly Classroom

motivatedbrain As I noted in my last blog, “Serious Play“, The Motivated Brain: Improving Student Attention, Engagement, and Perseverance by Gayle Gregory and Martha Kaufeldt (2015) is an intriguing read.  The first chapter reviews the important research on the brain and motivation that most
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Why Do We Need to Learn This Anyway?

Copyright Mercedes Benz, 2011. I will be the first to admit that I love my iPhone, however, I may be one of the few people still around who do not read books on a mobile device (iPad, Kindle, tablet, etc.).  While, I am not
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To Shift School Culture, You Need a Map

Cabinet - THORNTON, Hanan pic1 As the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services for Magnolia School District, I have learned that quality professional development is the first key step to any effective instructional initiative. But a true culture shift is a longer and more complex process
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Changing What I Can!

IMG_8378 (1)   Friday afternoon, 4:30 pm, I drag myself through the front door of my home, put on a small pot of coffee then collapse on the couch. What a day, what a week! The aroma of the brewing coffee soothes my
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Serious Play

motivatedbrain Recently I began a new book from ASCD, The Motivated Brain: Improving Student Attention, Engagement, and Perseverance by Gayle Gregory and Martha Kaufeldt (2015). Now that is a title that will get the attention of any educator! I have not gotten very far
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Celebrating Chris Yeager

Chris Yeager 1 We knew this day was coming; we just didn’t want it to get here. Chris Yeager retired from her role as our Consulting Director at the end of the year, and we are celebrating her contributions to us and to
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Learning Math Through Reading

iStock.com/sam47100 Originally published in August 2012 I was reading a wiki by Dr. Bill MacBride, a popular educational speaker. He was offering suggestions for great mathematics literature. Reviewing his literature selections reminded me how limited the selections can be for K-12
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